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Franco Ambrosetti

Two Roads, Both Taken
The choice not to choose. The life and music of Franco Ambrosetti, trumpet player and businessman

180 S., zahlreiche Abbildungen, Diskographie, Register. Hardcover

ISBN 978-3-86846-154-1
EURO 22,80

Franco Ambrosetti (born 1941 in Lugano, Switzerland) successfully managed two lives for a long time: on the one hand as a world class jazz trumpeter, on the other hand as manager of an international company with two offices in Switzerland and Italy and 600 employees having taken
over from his father.

His musical career is related to celebrities like Kenny Clarke, Cannonball Adderley, Dexter Gordon, Phil Woods, Michael Brecker, Steve Coleman, John Scofield, Greg Osby, Geri Allen, Kenny Barron and many others. Ambrosetti has played in many venues around the world.

In his autobiography, he takes the reader to these places, plus his encounters with many colourful figures of the jazz world. At the same time, he recounts how he managed to master the balancing act of his life in a charming and modest tone. The result is a fascinating walk through jazz history – with some serious side views to the world of business and
its changing ethics.

The autobiography is introduced by Jess Levenson and Roland Spiegel and contains a discography (2019).

Translated from the Italian by Flavia Ambrosetti and Paul Kilbey.

The table of contents is available as PDF.



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