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Adrian Connell

May the Angels (2020/2021)
In Paradisum

Version for TTBB choir and piano (organ)

Partitur, zgl. Chorpartitur

EURO 7,80; ab 15 Expl. je EURO 3,80, ab 25 Expl. je EURO 2,80

On the work

After I left college in 1987 I suddenly found that performances of my music were difficult to get. Then one day I met Tomas Creagh-Fuller the musical director of the Bromley Oecumenical Singers, he commissioned me to write a work for the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. After the performance of this work, more commissions followed and many years of working with the choir and lots of performances. In 2019 when I heard Tom had passed away, it was a loss I felt deeply. Having already written a Requiem, I wanted to write a work using words that he would know, words that as a priest he would have said many times and words that would honour his memory. Having written a work for string orchestra called "In Paradisum" (E.D. 88805) which Tomas commissioned and first performed in 1991, it seemed fitting that I should now compose a vocal setting. This new setting has no melodic or thematic connection with this early work, except for the connection with Tomas Creagh-Fuller.
The work is a very simple setting in my favourite sad key of D minor; both verses are sung twice with a short interlude leading to a modulation for the second verse. It is a gentle work, it is reflective and it sums up the love and admiration I had for Tomas. May he rest in peace.
(Adrian Connell)

Duration: 3 minutes

The work is also available in versions for SATB choir (E.D. 88831) and for SSA female choir (E.D. 88832)



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