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Adrian Connell

Memories (2020/2021)
Concertino for Bassoon and Piano

Partitur und Stimme

EURO 12,80

On the work

There comes a time in life when your parents have passed on. What we are left with is the memories of their love, guidance, support, and the happy times together. Last August when my mum sadly passed away, I wrote an Elegy as part of my grieving. However, as a family we had happy times together and it seemed only right to compose a work which would celebrate this. So, I added a first and last movement to create a short concertino. The movements are:

  1. Prelude: Peter John Connell: The Cheeky Chap
  2. Elegy: Mavis June Connell (Time To Remember)
  3. Rondo: Family Fun

(Adrian Connell)

Duration: 10 minutes

Performance note

The work can also be performed with accompaniment of string orchestra and harp using the set of parts for the version for clarinet and orchestra (E.D. 88833).



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