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Adrian Connell

Six Easy Pieces (1990-2015)

for Piano

EURO 8,80

On this edition

On submitting two piano works for publication ("Romance" [1990] and "Serenade" [1992]) it was suggested I added four more pieces by Christoph Dohr and not having written some piano pieces for many years it sounded a good idea. However, I cheated by adapting some movements from existing orchestral works. "Bossa Nova" is one of the variations from my "Chopin Variations" written in 2010 for orchestra. Here we just get a small snippet of the first two sections of this variation. "Waltz" and "Siciliana" are two small sections from my "Variations for Strings" written in 1996. Again both sections have been shortened to give a small taste of the original. The only new piece is "Little Blues" written especially for this volume and dedicated to Christoph Dohr for his support of my music. This a very short piece based on the twelve bar blues, where some very small textural variation each time changes the sound of the music. (Adrian Connell)

The movements are:

  • Romance
  • Serenade
  • Bossa Nova
  • Waltz
  • Siciliana
  • Little Blues



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