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Adrian Connell

Seven Views on the Vicar's Sunday Sermon (1997)
Variations for String Quartet

Partitur und Stimmen

EURO 24,80

On the work

For many years I was the director of festive music at our local church in Orpington. I always carried a little music notebook on me for use during the sermons. I remember writing a series of notes, as a challenge to use as a melody when I got home, then I realised it used all twelve notes of the scale. Having been penned during a sermon, I decided to use this as a structure. The tone row became the sermon and the following variations the reactions to this sermon. As a clue to the ideas behind the music, I added sectional headings to each variation. While this is a serious work musically, it is actually meant to be a piece of fun! (Adrian Connell)

Duration: 15 minutes



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