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Montag, 08.01.2024 11:20


Adrian Connell

Sonatina festiva (2019)
for Flute and Chest Organ

Partitur und Stimme

EURO 12,80

On the work

The "Sonatina festiva" was commissioned by Christoph Dohr, after commissioning the construction of a new chest organ for his piano museum “Haus Eller”. The Sonatina is in four short movements: Prelude, Theme and Variations, Scherzo and Trio and a Rondo. The work is jubilant and celebratory in character. Every movement bubbles along with joyful themes and bouncy rhythms, there are hints of jazz, bossa nova and samba along with more traditional forms, dance type music and even a chorale. (Adrian Connell)



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