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Adrian Connell

Two Short Anthems (1997)
for three part mixed choir and organ

Partitur, zgl. Chorpartitur

EURO 7,80; ab 15 Expl. je EURO 3,80; ab 25 Expl. je EURO 2,80

On this edition

In 1996 I was appointed as director of Festive Music at Holy Innocents Church in Orpington. My duties involved trying to get the young instrumentalists involved musically in the church. Most of my time was spent arranging hymns for flexible instrumental ensembles for the services, so anyone on any instrument could join in playing. One of the most enjoyable duties was getting to rehearse the church choir and writing a very simple Kyrie and Gloria that both choir and congregation could sing. While this was not the easiest of jobs it did lead to a number of commissions for short choral pieces for special occasions and this publications contains two of them. (Adrian Connell)

  1. Ambassadors for Christ
  2. Eucharist



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