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Adrian Connell

Three Motets (1997)
for unaccompanied mixed choir

Partitur, zgl. Chorpartitur

EURO 8,80; ab 15 Expl. je EURO 4,30; ab 25 Expl. je EURO 3,30

On this edition

My first works for choir were two commissions from the Bromley Œcumenical Singers, both for chorus and orchestra. After the successful first performances of these works, it was suggested I should write some motets, where I could concentrate on writing simply and effectively for voices, producing some works which were short and could possibly be used within the context of the church service as well as concerts.

In 1997 following the composition of my Symphony No.5 I eventually took up this challenge and produced the works in this publication. Both harmonically and technically these works are a return to simple basic harmony, the purpose being to focus on writing for the voice to produce works that could be learnt quickly and easily by choirs that are enjoyable to sing. (Adrian Connell)

  1. Ave Maria
  2. Tantum ergo
  3. Tota pulchra es



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