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Montag, 08.01.2024 11:20


Antonín Dvořák

Serenade op. 22

für Klarinetten-Ensemble eingerichtet von Adrian Connell

EURO 19,80

EURO 59,80

classics for clarinets

arranged by Adrian Connell

(complete list)


  • Clarinet in E flat/Solo Clarinet in B flat
  • Clarinet 1 in B flat
  • Clarinet 2 in B flat
  • Clarinet 3 in B flat
  • Clarinet 4 in B flat
  • Clarinet 5 in B flat
  • Bass Clarinet

Performance Note

I attend many conferences and have often heard feedback, that some clarinet arrangements which contain Alto Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet and even E flat Clarinet can restrict the performance of such publications. For this series you can perform every work with just five B flat clarinets and Bass Clarinet. I have included a part for E flat clarinet but, this can be replaced by using the Solo B flat Clarinet part which is provided. This part can be high and will require a very good player. Some passages though have been written down the octave, so the Solo Clarinet part acts as a means of enriching the arrangement with an added sixth clarinet. However, where possible I suggest the original E flat Clarinet part is used. (Adrian Connell)



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