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Mittwoch, 29.06.2022 17:09


Jan Freidlin

Piano Album 2022 (2020/2021)

für Klavier

EURO 11,80


  • Trois Natures Morts (2020)
    • No. 1 "avec la bougie"
    • No. 2 "avec le livre"
    • No. 3 "avec l'oiseau"
  • Sinfonietta dolorosa (2021)
  • The Dancing Smiles. Burlesque for Piano (2020)

Zu den Werken

First, I want to state that painting is a very important part of my music, as it is the case in "Trois Natures Morts". However they are not illustrations to certain pictures. Although there are no thematic connections among the pieces, the style and the manner are very close, so a performer ought to observe them as if they originated from the same palette. The pieces can be played individually, in selection or as a cycle.

The "Sinfonietta dolorosa" depicts an unhappy state of mind. The performance may be quite free and improvised, following the title of the piece and the mood of the performer.

"The Dancing Smiles" is s burlesque piece that is meant to be full of joyful mood, with rhythmic effects and harmonic tricks. The performer can improvise this piece ad libitum within the fixed 5/8 rhythm formula. I hope that the performer’s cunning smile will pass on to the audience. (Jan Freidlin)



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