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Freitag, 13.10.2023 14:40


Jan Freidlin

Seven Landscapes (1985)

für Klavier

EURO 12,80


  1. White Landscape
  2. Window to the Forest
  3. Landscape in Purple Colours
  4. Sunny Glade
  5. Anxious Landscape
  6. Stars in the Lake
  7. Glare Firmament

Zu den Werken

The piano cycle "Seven Landscapes" was written in 1985. The seven pieces – think of the seven colours of the rainbow – have no thematic or stylistic affinity whatsoever, but contrast strongly, and they are not conceived as a cycle either. However, I am convinced that a well thought-out interpretation can keep the tension with the audience and give an impression of coherence. However, individual pieces can also be selected according to one’s preferences. (Jan Freidlin)



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