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Montag, 08.01.2024 11:20


Bernd Erich Brinkmann

The Choir Practise
Scherzo vocale (2010) for unaccompanied choir

Version for unaccompanied male voice choir

Partitur, zgl. Chorpartitur

EURO 6,80; ab 15 Expl. je EURO 3,30; ab 25 Expl. je EURO 2,50

The title of this composition conveys what the work is all about. It covers all musical and vocal elements that any musical director would use during a Choir Practise; intonation, fluency, declamation, fugato and cantilena. These elements are presented in a humorous way but musically correct, harmonically and melodically with added stage directions, representing the singers' reactions to the various exercises.



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